Is there actually still any part of the PC that cannot light up in every imaginable color? The hardware manufacturer Roccat has now presented a new gaming keyboard that even has an illuminated palm rest. We summarize the most important information for you.

Image: Roccat

The Roccat Vulcan II Max uses revised titanium buttons. They are available in both a linear (red) and a tactile (brown) variant with a trigger point of 1.4 or 1.8 mm. According to the manufacturer, the lifespan of the switches should be around 100 million clicks.

There are four multimedia keys on the upper right edge, which should guarantee intuitive control of music and voice output. Since it is a full-size layout, a number pad is also on board. There are also a total of 24 multifunction keys that can be assigned a second function. An additional LED indicates whether function 1 or function 2 is currently active. They can be switched using the FN key.

The big figurehead of the Roccat Vulcan II Max is undoubtedly its optics. Not only the keys themselves can light up. The included palm rest also has a corresponding illumination. Up to four profiles with different color effects can be set and saved internally. Synchronization with other components is of course also possible.

Roccat emphasizes that the low-profile key switches are also compatible with third-party keycaps. A cross-shaped attachment is required. If you want, you can customize the keyboard even further.

The Roccat Vulcan II Max is available in black and white. Pre-orders are now being accepted. The keyboard will then be delivered from October 17, 2022. The price is initially 229.99 euros.

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