Logitech and Herman Miller have done it again: with the “Vantum”, a new gaming chair is coming onto the market that wants to score with excellent ergonomics. But that also has its price.

Bild: Logitech / Herman Miller

The cooperation between Logitech and the US furniture manufacturer Herman Miller is bearing further fruit. After the two companies released the “Embody Gaming Chair” two years ago, the next example is now in the starting blocks. Although the price is a little lower, it is still not a bargain. The “Vantum Gaming Chair” costs around 1,300 euros . In return, however, it brings with it above-average equipment.

The gaming chair was designed to put the user in an upright and slightly forward-leaning position. The manufacturers speak of an “active gaming forward attitude”, a position that is intended to promote concentration and faster reaction times. Relaxed leaning back is also possible if required. Thanks to an integrated chest support, which stabilizes the upper back, neck and head, the most ergonomic posture possible is also guaranteed.

A big highlight are the many customization options. Not only the chair itself can be adjusted in height, inclination and depth. Lumbar support, armrests and headrest can also be adjusted to suit your needs. Via intuitive and easy-to-reach controls.

The manufacturers are convinced of the high-quality choice of materials and grant the Vantum gaming chair a 12-year guarantee. At the end of its service life, it should be up to 90 percent recyclable. The upholstery is already made from 100 percent breathable recycled material. There are three color variants to choose from: red, black and white.

The most important data at a glance:

  • Total height: 1124 – 1372 mm
  • Total height without headrest: 1022 – 1124 mm
  • Headrest Height: 102mm
  • Headrest area: 165 mm
  • Total width: 724 – 775 mm
  • Overall Depth: 686-737mm
  • Seat Height: 457-559mm
  • Sitzbreite: 508 mm
  • Seat depth: 369 – 445 mm
  • Armrest height: 152 – 248 mm
  • Base diameter: 686 mm
  • Maximum guaranteed weight capacity: 136 kg
  • Chair weight: 16.7 kg Package weight: 23.1 kg

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