The first trailer for “Super Mario Bros.” was released as part of a Nintendo Direct. The fans are pleasantly surprised.

Image: Nintendo

It’s been four years since Nintendo announced plans to bring a new Mario movie to the big screen. The project was silent for a long time. But after the voice cast was announced last year, with all sorts of well-known stars, the first trailer can finally be seen.

A movie about Mario? Can this really work? On the net, at least, the trailer has caused mostly positive reactions. The animations and the dreamlike world, which is strongly reminiscent of the popular video games, are particularly highlighted. But the prominent voice cast with Chris Pratt, Jack Black & Co. also knows how to convince. We have included the English version for you in the post. You can watch the German trailer here .

Like the games, the movie will be all about stopping Bowser and his evil. It remains to be seen whether there will be any surprises in terms of content. On March 23, 2023 we will definitely know more. Because then “Super Mario Bros.” will come to German cinemas. Hopefully Nintendo is planning more video game adaptations. The world of The Legend of Zelda would definitely do well on the big screen as well.

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