Audible App: Listen to audio books at home and on the go

Audio books – the modern form of the good old book? Not at all! They’ve been around for many years, but it’s only recently that they’re really gaining momentum.

This is also (and above all) due to the modern technical possibilities. The smartphone in particular makes it easy for us to access the Internet from anywhere, listen to music and also read – or listen to – books. By far the best-known provider of audio books has been Audible , an Amazon partner company, for years.

With the help of the corresponding Audible app on the smartphone, the customer has access to more than 150,000 audio books and can call up and use them at any time – for example in their free time, on vacation or on the way to work. The app is free and available for all operating systems. In addition to smartphones, it can of course also be installed on tablets. In addition, the personal audio book library can be synchronized quickly and easily on all devices.

Audible audio files are compatible with hundreds of audio players, PDAs, cell phones, and streaming media devices. Devices that don’t have the capability (allowing users to download content from their library directly to their devices) will require a Windows or Mac PC to download the files. In addition, the titles can be played on the PC (with iTunes, Windows Media Player or Audible Manager).

Prospective buyers of media players can check directly with Audible whether the device plays the corresponding files. Audible players are available on Apple iPhones, iPods, Android and Windows devices. The Audible app allows you to download and play audiobooks purchased through Audible. It also allows the user to save multiple tracks for playback on mobile devices.

What content can be accessed with the Audible app?

Audible content includes more than 200,000 audio programs from leading audio book publishers, broadcasters, entertainers, magazine and newspaper publishers, and business information providers. The library includes books of all genres, as well as radio shows (classic and contemporary), speeches, interviews, stand-up comedy, and audio versions of various magazines.

But audio books can also be found in special subject areas. So lovers of detective stories will find the various titles of “Sherlock Holmes” as audio books . On the other hand, if you prefer to wander in other spheres or are already a fan of the film series, there are also audio books from the Star Wars universe . By the way, radio plays, which are accompanied by atmospheric music and read in distributed roles, ensure a very special listening pleasure. So everyone will find the right title for themselves.

Once a customer has purchased a track from Audible, it remains in their library and can be downloaded at any time. In addition, the file can be listened to directly on the website – regardless of whether it was previously downloaded.

How much does an Audible subscription cost?

First, a 30-day trial subscription can be taken out (extended to 6 months for Amazon Prime customers). When it expires, this automatically turns into a standard subscription for EUR 9.95 per month. As part of the free trial membership, various audio books are available free of charge from Audible.

Installation and commissioning of the Audible app

Installing and starting up Audible is very easy. Audible files can be played on different end devices. Due to the special file format, however, the in-house Audible app is always required. This can be found in the relevant stores (iOS, Android, Windows) under the name “Audible – audio books from Audible”.

The Audible app is largely intuitive to use and includes a variety of different functions. The playback speed can be individually adjusted, a sleep mode can be set and there is a wish list in which all titles found while browsing can be stored. If you want to buy new audio books in the shop, you can do so directly from the app.

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